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About Us

About us .Picture from our farm

RUSAOF is a premium line of organic fruits and vegetables that are all-natural, traditionally inspired, and healthful. Artificial colors, artificial flavors, synthetic preservatives, and flavor enhancers are not used in any of the products. 'Say No to Chemicals — Go Natural,' is our credo. At RUSAOF, we believe in discovering and learning everything there is to know about the environment and healthy living. Living a healthy lifestyle and adopting a green lifestyle may require some retraining, but these are the decisions that will have the most impact on our lives.


RUSA organic farms' core principle of natural farming has not changed over the decades. For hundreds of years, our predecessors revered the soil as God and practiced natural farming.
Natural farming, also known as 'Rishi Kheti,' is based on old Vedic farming techniques such as the use of animal manure and herbal juices to control pests and promote plant development. The goal is to allow nature to take center stage to the greatest extent possible.

At RUSA, we believe that everyone has the right to a happy and healthy life. Our food supplements can help you build a strong basis for a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to produce items that are clean, natural, and nutritious without sacrificing flavor or taste. We maintain the wholesomeness of our food products by using natural food production and time-tested processing procedures. 

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