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Organic Musambi(Sweet Lime) 500 g
Our Organic Musambi is the perfect addition to any fruit bowl! Grown in an eco-friendly environment, this juicy citrus fruit is known for its sweet and refreshing flavor. Rich in Vitamin C, it offers a plethora of health benefits and is a great way to stay healthy and energized. Enjoy this delicious tropical fruit as a snack or add it to your salads and juices for a boost of flavor and nutrition. Order your Organic Musambi today and bring a little of the tropics into your home

Organic Musambi(Sweet Lime) 500 g

500 Grams
  • Citrus limetta, alternatively considered to be a cultivar of Citrus limon, C. limon 'Limetta', is a species of citrus, commonly known as mousami, musami, sweet lime, sweet lemon, and sweet limetta, it is a member of the sweet lemons. It is small and round like a common lime in shape. It is a cross between the citron (Citrus medica) and a bitter orange (Citrus × aurantium).


    Like most citrus, sweet limes will not ripen off the tree, and must be picked when fully ripe. This is indicated by its tennis ball size and lustrous greenish-yellow sheen. Gently scratch the surface of a sweet lime: If its oils give way in the fingernails, it is ripe. The juiciest fruits feel heavy for their size.

    Underripe fruit feels light for its size, and is hard with tart flesh. Overripe fruit is dull and shrunken, with dry, spongy skin. Avoid fruit with brownish-yellow discoloration


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